My career has span well over 15 years, ranging from various titles and roles. Below are a few of my career timeline highlights for your review.

Changed career path and started to self-teach design, HTML, Flash, and Java. I founded my own consulting company, Amplified Technologies. « 1996 »  
  « 1997 » Acquired first job in a design studio as a junior designer.
Learned about UI design and started to learn how users interact with applications and what improvements can be made to facilitate them. « 1999 »  
  « 2001 » Hired on as part of the design team for First Data Merchant Services as GUI Designer as a contractor.
Hired as a full time employee for Lens Express, Inc. to design and structure their websites and in house applications. « 2001 »  
  « 2003 » Hired as a contractor to help supervise and manage a team of UI Designers for IBM Canada. My first introductions to SharePoint Team Services 2001 happened here.
As a contractor for the Web Application team of Citrix Systems, my knowledge of SharePoint was further expanded with the introduction of SharePoint Portal Server 2003. « 2004 »  
  « 2006 » At Kaplan University, I was hired on contract as part of their SharePoint Services department. It was the first time I was 100% dedicated to SharePoint and I've never looked back.
At GenSpring Wealth Management, a SunTrust company, I was hired to oversee the architecture, planning, and design of their internal SharePoint portal deployment. « 2006 »  
  « 2007 » As a contractor for AT&T's maritime department, I was able to learn how to migrate content from a 2003 deployment to the new-at-the-time SharePoint Server 2007. At the same time, I returned as a consultant to the Employee Communications department for Citrix Systems.
I accepted a contract-to-permanent position working for EMC² in New York City. With this company I worked for several projects utlizing SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 including clients such as Avaya, Six Flags, and JFK Medical Center. « 2009 »  
  « 2010 » As the team lead for the Houghton, Solomon, & Kirby law firm, I architected and designed a migration project from their SharePoint 2007 deployment to the new-at-the-time SharePoint Server 2010 for both the intranet and extranet.
Immediately following the law firm project, I accepted a contract to work for a reputable hedge fund company based in Wesport, CT in where we worked to stabilize their SharePoint 2007 deployment while planning to deploy a centralized SharePoint 2010 environment. « 2010 »  
  « 2011 » After some personal challenges, I continued to work in the SharePoint space as a direct consultant focusing on Information Architecture and Business Analysis projects specifically for SharePoint 2010. These small projects ranging from 2 to 6 weeks at a time included companies such as Something Digial and Towers Perrin.
This year I have once again focused on the small, short-term projects such as Phoenix House and United Trust have given me the opportunity to utilize my design aesthetic to serve as the user experience advocate for my clients. With the release of the up and coming SharePoint 2013 and its plethera of changes and updated features, I am once again diving into test migrations and functionality discoveries on my own servers. « 2012 »  
  « 2013 » I continued to build my practice and focused on giving speeches and public speaking to promote the use of "user centric design" and moving from traditional project management to a more agile methodology. During this time I managed to have a total of 17 contractors under my management and I was deploying teams of contractors to various jobs and winning bids against some of the more elite consulting agencies because we had something they did not... a focus on the END USERS and my skills in Information Architecture were beginning to be much more desired than your run of the mill "Waterfall" project delivery team.
As my health started to take a turn, I decided the stress of running my own consulting agency was in fact too much. I scaled down quite a bit and landed a contract for myself as Information Architect for a SharePoint 2007 server farm for CA Technologies under the GIS Project Management Office. This company was so great to work for that when the opportunity arose to work with it on a full time basis, I took it. I am now the Principal for the GIS Collaboration Team at CA Technologies and pretty much run the entire production support and user adoption/user experience side of our Office 365 / SharePoint Online tenant. « 2014 »