Star Wars: Episode X – The Chosen One

Table of Contents

1 The Aftermath



Not Quite Dead, Not Quite Alive



Old Fashioned Healing

Celebrations and Explanations

2 New Emotions

First Night

Rise and Shine

Back on Crait

Secure the Perimeter

A Visitor

3 Rebellion Reborn

General Dameron

General Finn

Maz Kanata

Call to the Senate

In Short Supply


4 Return to the Light

The Falcon

Home Unsteady



Honest Communications

5 Heart of the Matter

In the Shadows

The Upturn

Bad News, Good News

Freedom Might Be Free

Some Decisions to Make

Han and Leia

6 Galactic Repercussions

Hutt Space

Bilbousa Saloon

A Way In

Information is Key

Ponta Hideout

Saving What We Love

Dark and Light

7 Going Dark

Daalang Rendezvous

Tracking Jedi

Planet Killers


Gone Fishing

Maz and Ben

8 The Forest Has Eyes

First Date

Hidden in the Trees

Healing Zorii

A Fractured Mind

The Spice Crew

Dr. Harter Kalonia

9 Ready, Set, Heist


Leave It to Rose

Rarified Cracking

Jedi in Hiding

Back on Tatooine

There’s More of Us

Under Surveillance

10 On The Hunt

A New Approach

Preparing for Departure

Shades of Love

Canto Bight, Again

W’rith Ba’al



11 The Resistance Expands

We Have Options

Cut Through a Mountain

Hanger 83

Checking In

Privacy Please

Force Ghosts in the Wind

It’s In Our Nature

12 The Sins of the Past

Dyad Unleashed

The General’s Quarters

Sacred Texts

On the Way

Early Risers

A Jedi Reunion

13 A New Order

A Dyad in the Force

Hidden Sith Powers

A New Order

Clearing a Path

Looming Threat

Plans Backfire

14 Making Decisions


Convincing Commanders

Laying Out the Plan

Weighing the Options

15 A Means to an End


A Frank Conversation

Going Over the Plan

Jedi Training

A Walk on the Dark Side

16 Solidifying the Plan

Padawan Training

The Allure of Greatness

The Pontas Arrive

It Can’t Be

Enough for Today

A Rose with a Thorn

A Proposition

17 Sidelined

All Grown Up

Hunting Parties

Planning for Muunilinst

Rise Above

Off to Crucival

Finally Tracking Something

* This is a work in progress and will eventually have many chapters. #StayTuned

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