LinkedIN Advanced

You’ve learned the basics of getting started with LinkedIN, now you want to dive deep into all of the great features that can be added onto LinkedIN to give you a clear advantage in selling, marketing, and networking with the world’s #1 corporate social platform.

LinkedIn Basics

Build Your Own Personal Brand

Kickstart the search for your dream job or build up your business by growing your network!

Course Objectives

Class Gallery

With this course you will know how to:

  • Making LinkedIN Your Blog Platform
  • How to Market Yourself with LinkedIN Advertising
  • Introduction to the Sales Navigator Platform
  • Introduction to the Recruiting Solutions Platform
  • Introduction to the LinkedIN Learning Platform
  • Introduction to the Campaign Manager Platform

What people are saying…

“Any time my resolve started to flag during the job-seeking process, or I felt battered after an unpleasant interview, this class gave me the confidence to instantly feel grateful, motivated, and inspired. Thank You for the encouragement!”

– Janie N.

“I had been working at this same company for over 20 years before getting the news we’d all be let go. Re-entering the workforce at the age of 58 terrified me. I didn’t know where to start. Maria was offering these classes to all her colleagues before facing her own displacement. She thought of others before she thought of herself and those that attended her class have found great success with the tips and tricks she showed us. We are forever grateful!”

– Steve L.

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