Fly Little Butterfly

I look up at the sky,
so blue, so bright,
so full of air, so full of life,
wind blows with such might,

A beautiful butterfly,
starts to take flight,
emerged from its hidden place,
filling the world with grace,

Fly little butterfly,
to the heavens, up high,
in shades of purple,
with such great purpose,

Soar with the wind,
your beauty will never dim,
we’ll remember in kind,
our hearts forever grim,

But we will carry your dreams,
to find the cure for all,
united with all our means,
we will never let you fall,

So fly little butterfly,
to the heavens, up high,
you did your best,
and we’ll do the rest.

Written by: Maria Espino
Dedicated to: Claire Wineland

Claire’s Place Foundation

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Earth and Sky

What is a mother?
Many will say she’s a creator.
Many will say there is no other.
I say she’s a gift, of value no greater.

Like the Earth is a gift,
One that gives life,
A seed that’s planted and enriched,
One that grows despite the strife,
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The Restless Night

Be still your heart in the restless night,

as the fire in your soul seeps through the light,

a new day escapes the howl of the wind,

that rages quietly in the corners of your mind,

would you dare to believe,

in my arms you will find reprieve,

the blue in your eyes shall shine bright again,

the screams of your pain will not be in vain,
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An Unstoppable Force

It is the ache of my heart,

that pushes me to start,

on an uncharted path,

that will unleash its wrath,

a wind that rolls through,

with a mighty force of truth,

no secrets to keep,

we both take a huge leap,

two souls stripped bare,

take heed world and beware,
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Irreparably Broken

My heart is irreparably broken,
Since the day you rose above,
I strive to keep it open,
To recieve all your love,

Love that lives in the air of spring,
In each and every budding flower,
In all the memories that it brings,
Embraced by its immense power,
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Never Ending Love

The skies are grey,

Crying rivers of tears,

Raindrops at play,

Lovely sound in my ears.


Your presence remains,

Felt each and every day,

Coursing through my veins,

In every single way.
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When We Stood Still (A Tribute to 9/11)

A swoosh, a crash, screams, horrors, and ash,

Reducing the heart of a nation to garbage and trash,

Many lives lost on a clear blue sunny day,

A world stood in shock, awe, and could not look away.


A strong emotion of hate,

That drove many to their fate,

Is this really the price we all pay,

When love does not light the way?


Differences cause a crumbling fear,

That keeps our hearts from getting clear,

Loosing sight of the greatest possession,

A life unlived without expression.


Priceless is the sacrifice,

Of the man that gives his life,

For the stranger calling out,

Without sight in total doubt.


Let us never forget,

The day we held our breath,

When we stood still,

And never lost our will.


Written by Maria Isabel Espino
Dedicated to the thousands that lost their lives; victims and emergency responders.



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Time Ticks Away

As the minutes tick by,

The tears shed subside,

Your voice trails off,

Wings take you above,


The hours continue,

Pushing hope through,

Finding no rest,

A bird with no nest,
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Through the Clouds

Through the clouds I fly,

Life laughs in my ear,

As the wind howls softly by,

I wonder if I was ever really here.


My heart beats slow,

Memories pass through my eyes,

Softening the harsh blow,

Oh how I wish it was all lies.
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I Am Not There

Do not stand at my grave and weep.

I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,

I am the diamond glints on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn’s rain.
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