Irreparably Broken

My heart is irreparably broken,
Since the day you rose above,
I strive to keep it open,
To recieve all your love,

Love that lives in the air of spring,
In each and every budding flower,
In all the memories that it brings,
Embraced by its immense power,
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Time Ticks Away

As the minutes tick by,

The tears shed subside,

Your voice trails off,

Wings take you above,


The hours continue,

Pushing hope through,

Finding no rest,

A bird with no nest,
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Through the Clouds

Through the clouds I fly,

Life laughs in my ear,

As the wind howls softly by,

I wonder if I was ever really here.


My heart beats slow,

Memories pass through my eyes,

Softening the harsh blow,

Oh how I wish it was all lies.
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Yet Another Day

Sunlight seeps through the windows,

I reach for you through my bed’s pillows,

could it be that you are here,

could it be that you were sincere,


I rise to the call of the birds,

thoughts of you fail my words,

distance makes it unbearable,

yet my heart remains hopeful,
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