When We Stood Still (A Tribute to 9/11)

A swoosh, a crash, screams, horrors, and ash,

Reducing the heart of a nation to garbage and trash,

Many lives lost on a clear blue sunny day,

A world stood in shock, awe, and could not look away.


A strong emotion of hate,

That drove many to their fate,

Is this really the price we all pay,

When love does not light the way?


Differences cause a crumbling fear,

That keeps our hearts from getting clear,

Loosing sight of the greatest possession,

A life unlived without expression.


Priceless is the sacrifice,

Of the man that gives his life,

For the stranger calling out,

Without sight in total doubt.


Let us never forget,

The day we held our breath,

When we stood still,

And never lost our will.


Written by Maria Isabel Espino
Dedicated to the thousands that lost their lives; victims and emergency responders.



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